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Alexander Lichtveld Communicates With Participants Of Imaginary Trias Serica Town


Alexander Lichtveld is a ceramist; his sculptures refer to architecture and are to be seen in different museums, e.g Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

In this project, models and stories will tell the tale of a unique city that doesn’t exist, but where we all seem to live. Three people can join this project together. Each participant selects one theme: Beauty, Desire, and Sense of security. He then provides the artist with a photo, an image, and a story that encompasses this theme for him.

Alexander Lichtveld transforms this into architectural sculpture. Each participant gets his own personal sculpture and gets a copy of the sculptures made for his friends. The Trias Serica is not only a unique end personal Art Series, but it also turns out to be a conversation piece, when all participants share their visions on the meaning of the different themes in their lives. In the end, all the Series together will be exhibited as a city full of architecture and stories.





All images with courtesy of Alexander Lichtveld


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