Colored Antique Mirrors Cast In Mirazzo Collection


Robert Sukrachand launches his new Mirazzo Collection at two shows during NYCxDesign: ‘INSIDE/OUT’ at the William Vale Hotel.

MIRAZZO — Shortly after traveling to Italy for the first time in 2018, Robert returned to Bangkok to visit family in his father’s native Thailand. Suddenly the familiar street benches, public park chess tables, and three-legged stools of Bangkok were seen with fresh eyes: this was Thai Terrazzo. A technique invented by the Italians was newly recognizable in this every day, un-precious Thai street furniture. Here, it was colorful and haphazard, occasionally crumbling under the weight and weather of a tropical climate. Robert’s realization was in the universality of the technique – to salvage the waste product of the stone industry and transform it into something utilitarian yet beautiful. Upon returning to his Brooklyn studio, Robert set out to continue designing within this tradition.


Naturally, his inclination was to find a way to use the defective and scratched mirror leftover from the production of his popular Gem and Volume Mirror collections. By casting these large panes of a colored and antique mirror into the rustic shapes of the original Bangkok benches and tables, Robert has added a colorful and reflective wrinkle to this centuries-old technique. Instantly recognizable as carrying on the terrazzo tradition, the Mirazzo Collection begs the question of what other salvaged ingredients can be brought into the fold as the design and manufacturing industries evolve to waste as little raw material as possible.





All images with courtesy of Robert Sukrachand

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