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David Krovblit Pieces Together Blooming Collages By Hand


David Krovblit is an exemplary artist from Canada now working in Los Angeles, weaving together fantastical collages by hand.

His process involves amalgamating his original artwork with images he has retrieved from vintage magazines. He produced a very large version of the overall image and then takes to cutting every crucial detail of every layer, putting it together meticulously usually on a panel of wood. Adding a layer of resin over all of his handiwork enhances the physicality of the work itself, giving it a body of sorts. Krovblit is a visualizer of great detail, all the choices made in his collages accumulate into a fabulous whole but can equally be appreciated at a level where all the pieces coexist and can be inspected alone.


The collages are lush with excitement and a narrative for viewers to discover. His works have a tendency to invoke some kind of reaction from those who choose to experience it. Themes are often demonstrated too, things like consumerism and fantasy are among them. Elements of the human body, technology, pop culture, and love can be found in his collages. The layers seem practically endless in Krovblit’s unique flair of approach, more and more to unearth with every glance. The pieces are intricate and the most asymmetrical web of creativity there ever was. Krovblit engages with both novel and more dated techniques of collaging in order to achieve his specific style. The artwork of David Krovblit is absolutely mesmerizing to take in and always an indulgent joy.




Images with courtesy of David Krovblit


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