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Studio Curiosity Designs Extraordinary Experience Of Sen Hakone Resort


Deep within the majestic mountains of Hakone, a Sanctuary resides among lush greenery and the Beautiful river.

With each season, as with life itself, the surroundings dramatically change, creating a luscious setting where humanity can connect with the past and look to the future, enjoy the comforts of home, and the extravagance of this beautiful location. The Sen Resort Is the stage where Japanese hospitality and the beauty of Nature in japan come together to create art. The sen resort is a Joy for the senses, welcoming visitors with the beauty of nature. The melody of water, The crispness of the air, the lines of the mountains, the sparkling river, and vibrant forest surround and stimulate. The Sen Resort’s bridge guides the visitor to its entrance, instilling the sense that extraordinary experience is about to begin. As is a Japanese tradition, the Interior of the guest rooms will transform with the moving of Time, from morning to noon, from noon to evening, and from evening to morning.


The guest rooms of the Sen Resort are a Fusion of modern and Traditional Japanese and The surrounding nature. They are designed to honor the surrounding Nature, a truly Japanese concept. The centerpiece Of the room is a sunken area that serves as a sofa Area during the day and as the sleeping area at Night. The rooms feature A traditional “Goemon” style bath which lies below the flat surface of the floor and can be made available at any time. The Japanese heart, the spirit of hospitality and consideration, is infused in all aspects of these sanctuaries. The Sen Resort is an intricate collection of Villas, each with specific functions and features. Tea rooms, lounges, and bedrooms can be booked In differing combinations to suit the needs of the guests. These villas connect through bridges that will appear from the Water to connect the areas, depending on the selections made by guests. The surrounding nature Interacts closely with these spaces, giving the guests a sense that they are at one with nature.











Photography with courtesy of Studio Curiosity


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