Zanellato/Bortotto Studio Creates Painterly Effect Of Marea Collection

The traces of time are drawn one on top of another, infused into the changing skin of the rigorous metal forms that define these cabinets and chests.

Like the tide (marea in Italian) leaves its mark, wave after wave, even here the hand of the craftsman has left its sign, oxidation after oxidation, creating a painterly effect that resembles water’s erosion of the material. Somewhere between design object and work of art, each piece in the collection, composed of a chest of drawers, low credenza, and cabinet, is unique thanks to an entirely hand-crafted finish that transforms the metal surface into a delicate watercolor.






DeMarea Iron, DeLabré B Iron, Orbitale DeLabré Iron, DeMarea Brass, DeLabré Brass, Orbitale DeLabré Brass, DeMarea Copper, DeLabré Copper, Orbitale DeLabré Copper


cabinet 90x45xh.155 cm / madia 190x45xh.71 cm / drawers 55x45xh.113 cm


All images with courtesy of Zanellato/Bortotto Studio

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