“Herman” By 23lunes Narrates Of Beauty Of Imagination

Hermann is the story of an old man with Alzheimer’s disease. Every day at 8 PM he likes to play his harmonica in the balcony.

During the lockdown in Spain at the same time, all the people gathered at their balconies to applause the health workers and Hermann’s caretaker told him that all this applause was of him playing the harmonica. This piece of animation is a small trip into Hermann’s imagination during the days he used to play for his neighbors.







Direction: Jordi Garcia

Art Director: Bor Arroyo

Script: Reinaldomoon

Executive Production: Angee Marcazzan

PR: Maria Fernandez

Lead Animator: Héctor Muñoz

Production: Camila Gaspardo

Character Design: Adrian Febrero

Character Modellers: Miguel Miranda, Luis Gaspardo

Senior Animator: Alberto Gracia

Animators: Mayte Ramos – Yensen Quintero

Character TD: Ricard Miras

Riggers: Pepelu Martinez — Dani Martinez

Shading&Texture Character Artist: Oriol Corrales.

Backgrounds:Nestor Jado, Marc Riera

Shading, Lighting and Render: Bor Arroyo

Cloth Simulation: Jean Claude.

Compositing and Grading: Jordi Garcia

Generalist Junior: Sergi Lopez

Music and SFX: Cansons

Images with courtesy of 23lunes


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