Alexis Eke Elevates Black Women Of Art With Culturally Divine Portraits


Canadian artist Alexis Eke spiritedly endeavors to establish a sound representation of black women within the cosmos of art.

Her illustrations are imbued in an aura of cultural depth and empowering insight, emphasizing the truth of being black in a complicated world. Eke’s digital artistry consists of phenomenal portraiture, visually elucidating an array of experiences in a stunningly heartfelt way. Her style presents as quite malleable, demonstrating how explorative and inventive her creativity expands. Viewers can find images of women and men drawn with emphasis on their form, generous with color to describe their celebrated persona. Viewers can also find portraits of black women illustrated with a sharper focus on their facial expressions and their wholeness, beauty, and strength springing forth through their gazes.


Adorning the portraits with a Japanese-style sun, crowning the subjects in all of their might. A key characteristic in Eke’s style is the use of white lines drawn from the eyes to the mouth, making a statement on how the ways in which the environment exists in front of our eyes can influence how expression results as a response. Eke’s perspective is inspired by the resilient women she grew up around, including her relationship with God.


She draws from this well of personal experience to compose a space within her own works to elevate black women’s place in design as well as inviting viewers to consider their own relationship with God. Alexis Eke’s potent images are infinitely moving and speak volumes on behalf of black representation in the realm of art, advocating for their equality in society as whole.



Images with courtesy of Alexis Eke

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