Nik Ramage Gives Forgotten Objects A New Innovative Life


Nik Ramage reimagines machines and gives them new life by giving them a sculptural purpose in amazing creations of kinetic art.

Ramage takes what he can find, oftentimes things that have been forgotten, and makes them his own. Some of his sculptures physically move, giving them literal life and a mind of their own. These works are as creative as the tapping of a hand that showcases the mechanical movement that moves the fingers. Ramage’s gift as an artist is not only his attention to detail in his work, such as the wrinkles and lines on the fingers that he creates, but also demonstrates his exceptional capabilities as an engineer. This amazing technique is how he is able to create movement from seemingly dead objects. The creations he makes are witty and sometimes comedic.


Ramage has been able to make a moving bike with wheels that are made out of shoes, or a machine that waves both the European Union flag and the United Kingdom flag at once. In quirky and imaginative creations such as these, Ramage truly creates a name for himself as an artist. Much of his work comments on current social issues that are occurring all over the world, but more specifically in the United Kingdom where his work is based and is often incorporated into his pieces. Ramage primarily assembles scrap and steel into his works, as a believer of practical and technical things. His work continues to be a beacon of inspiration and thought-provoking concepts. 





Images with courtesy of Nik Ramage

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