Donghoon Sohn Experiments With The By-Product, Solvent, And Plastic


Through defining the design process, I try to find new possibilities between plan and variables.

B.S.P series starts from researching how to recycle plastic by-products. The name of B.S.P is inspired by the word abbreviation of B.L.T club sandwich. The name B.S.P means By-product, Solvent, Plastic which are materials used in production. As an industrial designer, I focus on plastic flakes generated while making numerous design prototypes of CNC or 3d printing. For this project, I tested the amount of solvent, types of plastic, and reaction time with the physical chemistry lab.

Donghoon Sohn Visual-Atelier-8 BSP - 8.jpg

I noticed that a particular type of plastic melts in organic solvents after a certain time. Especially tiny flakes or small parts from failure are easy to dissolve in a little amount of solvent due to their large surface area. From this kind of research, I can reinterpret plastic that is appropriate for mass production into a handicraft material and attach plastic with the plastic by-product. It is solidified with solvent evaporation. Like spilled cheese, the object arouses people’s curiosity and gives a new aesthetic. I designed art furniture with this process and, moreover, it can be applied to different shapes and colors. I will keep studying new properties of materials and its formative aesthetic with the defining design process.

Donghoon Sohn Visual-Atelier-8 BSP - 5.jpg

Donghoon Sohn Visual-Atelier-8 BSP - 7.jpg

Donghoon Sohn Visual-Atelier-8 BSP - 1.jpg


Photography by Hyunsung, Park / @baakyun with courtesy of Donghoon Sohn

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