A New Kind Of Beauty In Surrealism By Muart Yildirim


Murat Yildirim is an artist with an extravagance for beauty, digitized in visual landscapes and surrealism.

Working in creative illustration and animation, the artist tells tales with a majestically nuanced style that manifests as intellectual scenes and an appreciation for pensive form. Yildirim’s work explores the possibilities of kinetics with beautifully designed objects and calculated movements that are extremely persuasive in appearing totally organic. Viewers can forget that they’re looking at something that was created with software because Yildirim’s hand is heavy in hyperrealism yet doused in surrealism. His illustrations can include intricate architecture with a breeze of whimsy all around. Yildirim exhibits the range of artfulness found among various shapes, texturized to create a sensory experience of detailed configuration.

Stunning and abstract, the artist makes it a point to create truly polished and refined illustrations that make it hard for viewers to not indulge in. Yildirim’s concepts are extremely thought through and have incredible lighting to illuminate the subjects in all the right ways. There is a lot to admire when it comes to engaging with his work. Everything from whales to Coca Cola extinguishers to cars that bend like rubber, Yildirim has an infinitely extensive mind that serves in establishing his marvelous aesthetic as a visual artist. Additionally, Yildirim has recently put up his “Fuzzy Lisa” piece for auction as cryptoart, the new way to attain single edition digital art. It is evident that Murat Yildirim’s work thrives in a digital realm and is highly coveted among many.

Muart Yildirim Visual Atelier 8 art 4.jpg

Muart Yildirim Visual Atelier 8 art 1.jpg



Images with courtesy of Muart Yildirim


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