Immersive 3D And Futuristic Pieces Of Art By Grace Casas

Grace Casas Visual Atelier 8 art 5.jpg

Grace Casas creates an immersive experience with her stunning and aesthetically pleasing digital rendering.

Casas is inspired by other artists and designers to create an immersive experience within the world of animation, whether the inspiration comes from artists of the past or the present. Grace Casas incorporates 3D programs such as Cinema 4D and Octane render into her artwork. Within Grace Casas’s world, one can truly find a sense of peace within the scene that she creates. Casas uses calming colors in her work, as well as a smooth textured style as well. Casas mentioned that she hopes to give viewers of her work a sense of peace and nostalgia. In many of Casas’s works, the viewer can find themselves immersed in a completely different world.

Grace Casas Visual Atelier 8 art 3.jpg

These worlds are almost dreamlike and vary between different portraits of characters that seem like they are from the future. Yet somehow within these works, there is still a sense of home with the architectural and design pieces that she creates, making these futuristic creations feel like they could be found right next door. Casas says that her art comes from personal experiences, vintage aesthetic, and futuristic concepts which she believes allows viewers to believe in a future that is full of hope, especially given the current events. She stated that on the technical side of things there is often a specific technique that she uses when creating a piece, however, she is consistently evolving as an artist to learn new things while still going with the flow – allowing space to always stay true to her own creativity.

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Images with courtesy of Grace Casas

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