Stunning Psychedelic And Digital Illustrations By Jordan Coelho

Jordan Coelho, otherwise known as on his social media platforms, dazzles the art world with his digital and animated illustrations.

Coelho’s work can be described as dark within its artistic style, yet he still pulls distinctly from the vibrant areas of the color wheel which makes each piece spring to life and into another dimension. Another added layer that brings life to his work is the movement that he incorporates into the different pieces as well. There is a big explosion of color in each of his pieces, and as he mentions more specifically “visual motifs of psychedelia, primarily in depictions of plants and people.” Coelho stated that everything derives from music within his art, with this mindset and technique each piece becomes a short music video.

Coelho tries to share emotions with others within his art, which is clear when looking at his body of work as a whole. He states that he is interested in the in-between, such as, “between warm and cold, sadness and happiness, joy and fear, weird and ordinary.” This in-between in his work is truly inspiring and brings about a lot of different emotions for the viewers of the piece. You are able to find bursts of joy in his work, while still being able to capture a deeper sense of meaning as well. Coelho attempts to filter out moods, aesthetics, and feelings when he shares his art with the world.


Images with courtesy of Jordan Coelho

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