Creations of Culture, Beauty, and Comfort By Muhammed Sajid

Muhammed Sajid creates beautiful illustrations that tell a variety of stories to the viewers of his art.

Sajid stated that he finds inspiration in the greenery of his surroundings, primarily green plants and other elements. Nature and culture play a heavy role in Sajid’s creations, showcasing bold imagery within his muse’s clothing or symbolism that surrounds the piece. Within his work colors burst, as many of his artwork focuses on one solid color while adding shadows and touches of other bold colors to assemble the piece as a whole. Sajid varies between poster color on paper as well as digital art, mentioning that within creating digitally there is access to a larger variety of ways to create. Sajid also stated that he occasionally works with watercolors, pastels, and pencils. Sajid stated that he begins a piece by starting out with mere scribbles, continuously sketching until he moves along to adding color.

There is an explosive beauty in the multiple stories that Sajid’s art tells, such as within his portraits, however, his work also explores storied illustrations as well. These illustrations have a different essence to them than his portrait work, giving off a sense of comfort to them as a young woman waters plants or enjoys a cup of coffee, as well as a young man sitting and taking in his space. There are a beating heart and meaning behind each of Sajid’s creations, and he has stated that “art helps me speak to the world through my fingers and I feel it is a good medium to explain or talk about things we cannot literally talk about.” Sajid attempts to touch on both personal emotions and political undertones as well. Muhammed Sajid is currently working on a project entitled LoveLocal Design that works to give back to the Indian merchant community. 

Muhammed Sajid Visual Atelier 8 art 1.jpg



Photography with courtesy of Muhammed Sajid

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