White House In Norway Designed By Milad Eshtiyaghi

The location of White House is in Arendal, Norway, which is conceptualized by Milad Eshtiyaghi.

In designing this project, Milad used the horizontal line of the sea in the design so that the project starts from a horizontal line and culminates with the idea of the mountains formed by the background, and then by shaping the shape of the house according to the climate, the shape returns to the sea. The entrance to the house was formed with a bridge so that people could experience different perspectives on the way to the house.


Project name: White House 

Architecture firm: Milad Eshtiyaghi studio 

Project Location: Arendal, Norway

Visualization: Milad Eshtiyaghi studio 

Tools used: software used for drawing, modeling, rendering, postproduction, and photography Rhino, 3dmax vray photoshope 

Principal architect: Milad Eshtiyaghi  

Design year: 2021

Status: in progress

Typology: house villa

Visuals with courtesy of Milad Eshtiyaghi






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