Modern Home Future Visualized By Mossawi Studios Beyond The Horizon of Space

Homes of the Future, the Future of Modern Homes, is designed by Mossawi Studios.

Mossawi Studios: In this series, Homes of the Future explores modern, minimal, and futuristic homes that could exist in different environments through the power of CGI and Architectural Visualization. As artists, designers, and creatives, we all have our dream homes and spaces that help us thrive and supercharge our creativity. CGI Artist and Concept Designer Hussain Almossawi envisions the future of working from home, sometimes through complete isolation, blurring the lines in physical space between nature and modern architecture.


This is a series of architecture concepts created by artist and designer Hussain Almossawi, creative director and founder of Mossawi Studios, a multidisciplinary studio focused on VFX, Industrial Design, and Future Concepts.

All images with courtesy of Mossawi Studios


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