ZERO10 Announce Open Call Competition For Digital Fashion Creators

AR-fashion platform ZERO10 announce Open Call competition for digital fashion creators developed to support emerging talents and help them scale their visibility in the community. This is the world’s first AR clothing competition combining fashion design with technology, and pushing the boundaries of creativity and experimentation by making augmented reality technology accessible for independent designers.

From July 8th until July 20th, digital fashion creatives of all levels can sign up for the competition and submit their own 3D designs to have the chance to become one of three final winners. Winning submissions will be selected by the ZERO10 community from July 21st until August 4th, with three digital creators winning the chance to have their digital clothes available in augmented reality (AR) through the ZERO10 app alongside a $1000 prize. ZERO10’s team will adapt the winners’ designs to AR and showcase them alongside the digital collections of Tommy Cash, Maisie Wilen, or Barragán.

An Open Call project launched in response to a growing demand from emerging designers and creators to become a part of the ZERO10 platform and present their collections in AR. ZERO10 is aimed to build the virtual spaces of the future, and committed to building spaces which are accessible and equitable, offering opportunities for everyone. There are new opportunities being created through technological progress, not least of which designers being able to create collections which can be worn in augmented reality who might not be able to realise this physically.

Submit your application before July 20th and receive an email with technical specifications for entries.

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