National Museum Of Qatar: Jean Nouvel’s Desert Rose Opens To Public In Doha

Jean Nouvel Finishes National Museum of Qatar in Doha

Designed by French architect, Jean Nouvel, the National Museum of Qatar opened to the public and gives voice to the interesting story of Qatar and its people. The structure’s shape is inspired by the local desert rose and makes an impressive addition to the landscape of Doha.

Jean Nouvel Presents National Museum Of Qatar in Doha

The dramatic design of the building offers an immersive and experiential experience to its visitors. The rich environment is divided into three sections: Beginnings, Life in Qatar, and The Modern History of Qatar. Every chapter theme is introduced across eleven separate galleries.

Atelier Jean Nouvel Presents National Museum Of Qatar in Doha

With its curved disks, intersections, and cantilevered angles the museum’s architecture and structure symbolize the mysteries of the desert’s crystallization and looks like petals of the desert rose. Spread over 1.5km, visitors journey through an exciting mix of all-encompassing environments and compelling storytelling that will engage all the senses.

Atelier Jean Nouvel Presents National Museum Of Qatar in Doha

The museum, which is open to all, provides visitors with a wide range of ways to participate, to learn or to relax. A 220-seat auditorium and rolling programme of events ensure each visit offers a new perspective. For students and researchers, the dedicated research center and laboratories provide new study opportunities.

national-museum-of-qatar-jean-nouvel-architecture-cultural-doha-visual atelier 8-1.jpg

For those looking to relax and take time out, there will be new venues to eat, including a stunning rooftop restaurant and a newly landscaped park that offers family-friendly interactive learning environments and also celebrates Qatar’s indigenous plants.


For more information, visit the National Museum Of Qatar website

Photography by Iwan Baan

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