ONFAdd Designs The World’s Best Rainwear For Sneakers

How many times did you avoid wearing your favourite shoes just because it was raining? Now with the Rain Socks by ONFAdd you can feel comfortable during the bad weather. ONFAdd is a brand original from Japan with the focus on development. They are motivated by Japanese moderation and are designing new versatile and innovative items.

Rain Socks are exceptionally basic and natural to utilise. Essentially wear them over your shoes to keep them dry when it’s raining. Produced using a stretchy elastic material, you can rapidly take the Rain Socks on and off without any effort. Under ordinary conditions the coverable separation of this item is around 15km. Furthermore, relevant size is of 25 – 29 cm for general tennis shoes.

Due to the stretchability of the elastic, they won’t ruin the particular design of your shoes. Regardless of whether you utilize them again and again they won’t get consumed much in light of the fact that the sole part is thicker. It’s thin shape enables you to put Rain Socks into your sealed shut sacks. Likewise it very well may be collapsed little, so it won’t be massive to gather in your pack. What’s more, furthermore, with one sets weighing under 100g, this is a pleasant element while bearing them.

All images, courtesy of: ONFadd

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