Realimposter Takes Us Into A Soft And Vibrant Realm



What do Graffiti shapes, Vaporwave, and jelly have in common? In his reality-bending 3d masterpieces, the artist Realimposter, who’s a child of the new age charm of category mashups, tells us. Playing with digital renderers and an appreciation for neon and sculpture, Realimposter takes the stark and often hard codes used when speaking about ancient sculptural forms, and inverts these, making them into his personal bauble.



With the aid of shimmering bouncy balls, fuzzy smoke or strings of nightclub colored light, he takes us into his surrealist realm where the solid is often soft, and the particle becomes the newest hero. His mastery of purposely conflicting category cues and pre-empting our perceptual expectations, allow him to bend our minds in novel ways which result in an innovative enjoyability akin to Jeff Koons’ plastification or Takashi Murakami’s super flat vibrancy.



Realimposters’ use of the uncanny has a kind of instant likability, watching what first looks like a marble head become a jiggling blob evokes some kind of satisfaction that makes one want to watch his animations on repeat.



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