Symbolic And Aesthetic Imagery From David McLeod


David McLeod delivers 3-D visuals that are structurally stylized and framed in on a potent image. Often times these images are centralized around elements and symbols that are in focus so that the viewer is entirely engrossed in the details. Some of the choices of elements include morphing shapes, textured blobs, bubbles, liquid droplets, shards of gold, smoke, and furry textures. A blend of these components come together in an aesthetically pleasant artwork that can be consumed by all audiences. Vibrant color schemes and clever placement makes McLeod’s flair stand out.

The Australian visual designer engages with CG technology to fashion his fabulous imagery. He also has robust experience with 3-D lettering, fluid simulations, and installation concepts. The level of ingenuity McLeod has is truly fascinating to watch unfold in the many visual experiments he conducts. It is no surprise that his body of work includes art commissioned for clients such as Nike, Canon, Toyota, Calvin Klein, Adobe, and Apple. Amazingly bold in every aspect, the visuals pack a punch with its versatility in boldness. Each piece is its very own, possessing its own identity. His work is especially featured in campaign visuals for notable companies. Exciting things are to come from David McLeod in the 3-D visual art field.



Artist: David McLeod

Instagram // Behance

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