The House Of The Dead by Fredrik Thornström and Karolina Pajnowska

“The house of the dead” is part of a double concept. Its counterpart is “The House of the living”.

The architects Fredrik Thornström and Karolina Pajnowska developed the proposals when they were doing a master’s degree at the University of Lund. They are two silos located in the port area of Malmö, recycled to become a housing complex and a vertical cemetery. “The house of the dead” has a crematorium and a columbarium. “The house of the living” will have a series of apartments suitable for human housing.

The architectural design tandem commented that they believe in: “The idea of urban recycling as of the key factors, to contribute to a culture of sustainable construction”.

They say they believe that cities will become denser and denser. This will cause the urban construction industry, and its buildings of the last century, to become obsolete in the face of the new needs that arise from the advancement of culture.


“The house of the dead” retains the raw style of industrial buildings made in concrete. The interior of “The house of the living” are lined with insulating materials to make it habitable for humans. The two buildings are separated by a park, with wooded vegetation.

All imgaes: Fredrik Thornström and Karolina Pajnowska

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