Vinne Creates Eye Catching Japanese Cyberpunk Art

The wunderkind Vinne appreciates not only the eye-catching craftsmanship of dangerous weapons, but also the rosy cheeked femme fatale who don high-streetwear. From Brazil, Vinne has created his own graphical narrative where he uses a mochi pastel and soda pop pallet. The artist injects subliminal hints of kawaii into images accentuated with mecha suit accessories, Off-WhiteTM branded samurai swords and designer guns: all of which are drafted with a mechanical tech’s precision.

“My view of my art is that it can impact and at the same time accompany a simple aesthetic, I do not need to mix many colors and still get great results. My biggest inspirations undoubtedly come from cyberpunk-inspired artists, and I plan to go further into the context and make people more interested in the subject through my vision of aesthetics”, said Vinne to Visual Atelier 8.



What is unique is how Vinne, through his pop cultural references, modernizes Japanese cyberpunk by giving it a true location in history. Jammed with meticulous detail and allusions to the masterworks in anime, such as Akira and Ghost in the Shell, Vinne’s illustrative style is more like magazine ad editorials than just comic art. His piece’s paper texture like finish, and sublime use of gradient color, add to their universal appeal.



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