Amey Kandalgaonkar Designs The House Of Elon Musk


I enjoy creating architectural proposals on interesting geological features.

In these proposals I put two random objects together and explore relationships between them. This experiment leads to creation of unexpected and interesting imagery. In case of this project I’ve been able to establish relationship between a meteor crater and a UFO like object, both seemingly unrelated objects.


Meteor craters are probably most unique geological features. In its natural form, crater walls define a circular space isolated from rest of surroundings, making it an ideal place for architectural intervention. Only addition this space requires is of roof structure. It is also interesting to note that meteors are originated in space and only other celestial object that enjoys special place in popular culture is flying saucer.

Reference to flying saucers reminded me of a scene of a UFO hovering above a desert mountain from a 1977 film – Close Encounters of the Third Kind. This thought process lead me to a conclusion that a roof structure in form of a flying saucer helps reestablish cosmic connection between crater and the skies. Which brought up the next question- who will be an ideal client for a space theme project? And the answer was straightforward- Elon Musk, a person passionate towards space exploration. I even went further and created Martian feel for the crater and landscape.



Images with courtesy of Amey Kandalgaonkar


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