Abyss Table By Duffy London Design

The “Abyss Table” is the result of a year’s work, carried out by Christopher Duffy, his design team and the group of master craftsmen who make the material manufacture. Duffy London designs are based on ideas.

They play with the scientific principles such as the force of gravity, geometric concepts, and to this, they add a lot of optical illusion. Usually, the genesis of ideas is born in the mind of Christopher Duffy. But how almost all the majestic works, are possible to realize thanks to the work team. The team is made up of other designers, and by artisans who, at the end of the day, bring from the world of ideas to the physical world the dreams of those who imagine and perfect ideas.

Completely ornamental, without neglecting the functionality factor “Abyss Table” is made of materials that have minimal impact on the environment. In the development stage the team experimented with several different materials. They went through techniques of sculpted glass, polymathy methacrylate and wood. The “Abyss Table” emulates the underwater geography, the abysses that lie in the oceans. The structure of the design and the success in the selection of materials generate an effect of depth that harmonizes perfectly with the name of the work.

All images: Duffy London

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