Hayden Richer Conveys The Timeline Of Furniture Development


My interest lies in the preservation of stark weight, mass, and their sculptural convergence into furniture.

Emphasizing opposing ideas of gradual growth and weathering, my works often present a slow storyline along an almost tectonically scaled timeline -one of quiet, humble, and earnest growth. Methods of stacking convey the timeline of their build and development while being interrupted and imposed upon by their surface. The ceramic table, built using slab-building methods out of clay, fired, and coated in Hydrocal, the Sand Spackle Side Table is finished and frozen along with its lifespan by the sand and hydrocal mixture. The surface application freezes the development of the forms into a calcified land-like marker as a solidified part of the domestic landscape it resides in.






Production with the assistance of

Alec Snow & Lauren Phillips

All images with courtesy of Hayden Richer


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