Slika Studios Creates The House As A Connector To The Two Worlds

‘The House of Ides’ created by Slika Studios is a conceptual design idea for a dwelling that’s neither on the land nor on the water. It is located at the border of Eastern and Western culture in an attempt to embrace both worlds. 

Structurally it is of a parasitic nature, inhabiting a host natural component (limestone) and using its thermal and structural mass. Its name derives from the Latin word Ides meaning ‘to divide’, in this case resembling the middle of two elements, and acting as a connector.

Fundamentally all spaces link to the natural elements embracing solid and liquid states of water and rock. Energy efficiency is envisioned by using hydropower, thermal mass, natural ventilation, and solar. Materiality is lightweight but durable like a sailing boat hull, transferring its loads onto a host vertical rock structure. 


Project name: House of Ides 

Architecture firm: Slika Studios

Project Location: Turkey 

Tools used: Rhinoceros 3D & Twinmotion 

Principal architect: Milan Bogovac

Design team: Milan Bogovac 

Built area: 520 square meters 

Site area: 392 square meters 

Design year: 2021 

Visualization: Milan Bogovac 

Client: Private 

Status: Concept 

Typology: Holiday House

Visuals with courtesy of Slika Studios


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