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Nea Studio Presents Nina Edwards Anker’s Shimmering Chandelier With Solar Technology

Nea Studio: Let us introduce Nina Edwards Anker’s show-stopping eco-chandelier will enlighten and enliven any room. Edwards Anker is an award-winning biophilic architect and interior designer who designs sustainable furniture and lighting.

Building on her successful Solar Chandelier dripping with shells, Nea studio’s most recent release is the elegant, ambient Plume Solar Chandelier. Just as a bird fans its feathers to demand attention, so too does the Plume Solar Chandelier.

This off-the-grid solar-powered chandelier combines black feathers with black photovoltaic modules. The shimmering soft feathers counterpoint the reflective solar panels. The inner workings of the solar technology are clearly exposed at the back of the PV modules, to demystify solar technology.

It functions as a type of solar clock as it illuminates automatically at dusk, highlighting hourly solar and seasonal rhythms. The chandelier must be placed in front of a window to gather solar power. The Plume Solar Chandelier lowers electric bills, eliminates wires and outlets, offers multi-directional ambient light, and casts patterns on surrounding surfaces like wallpaper. It can be customized to each setting. 


Images with courtesy of Nea Studio and Nina Edwards Anker


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