Malcolm Majer Explores Forms And Colors Through The Sculptural Furniture

Chair 3 is a piece of sculptural seating in steel and ash, one of a series of seating works that center around interpreting a chair as a minimalist sculptural object.

The piece is created from solid steel bar stock, welded, and very carefully finished to obscure the method of construction. The finish is experimental, an unlikely gradient from pink to the green that gives a playful or unreal appearance to the piece. The ash seat is completely pink except for the top seating surface, which has pink in the open pores of the grain. 


This chair was the third piece in a series I started in 2018, made solely as a personal exploration of form and color in the language of a chair. It has proved to be popular, finding its way into a European collectible design e-commerce store, the Philip Johnson Glass House auction, and Dwell Magazine among other places. It is an edition of 12, whereas the rest of my sculptural furniture work is one-offs or variations. Aside from the visual effect of appearing unreal, there is a surprising tactile quality to this piece because it is mainly solid steel, weighing approximately 55lbs. A goal in creating these unusual seating works is to surprise the user, in Chair 3 part of the surprise is the extreme weight of the piece. 





All images with courtesy of Malcolm Majer

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