“My Kingdom Come” Highlights The Question Of Responsibility

Through the intervention of the serpent, people are led to maturity.

The serpent says to Adam and Eve before they taste the forbidden fruit: “You will not surely die, for God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:4-5, NIV). Through the intervention of the serpent, people are led to maturity. Self-conscious individuals, of their own good fortune, armed with the knowledge and the potential to independently overcome the hurdles that have been put in their way. In the story only the serpent has understood what it means to overcome these hurdles: accepting responsibility, not complaining, drawing strength from one‘s own maturity.


In anticipation of the punishment, Adam and Eve try to escape responsibility – an overly human reaction. Those of us who endure the consequences of their actions and emerge stronger from the crisis are free to learn from their mistakes and do what is necessary to achieve their goals. The consequences of their actions are part of the journey and lead to the next stage of their development. I wanted to have these elements applied to a story about modern-day basketball youths creating characters whose actions resemble those of the characters involved in Genesis. Unlike in the biblical story, the serpent is described positively in the film. It is the only one not blaming others and taking responsibility for their own actions. In the film, the protagonist’s behavior resembles the snake’s actions in that he does not make any excuses. He does not pass the buck like everybody else.








Executive Producer – Simon Fessler, Tobias Paul

Writer, Director, Producer – Walter Stoehr

DoP – Khalid Mohtaseb

Production Company: Simon&Paul GmbH

B-Cam Operator – Tobias Paul

1.AD – Simon Fessler

2.AD – Alyssa Trawkina

Production Assistant – Philipp Friedrich

1st AC – Barton Kirchmann

2nd AC – Felix Stuermeyer

Drone Pilot – Andreas Hechler, Skynamic

Drone Camera Operator – Julian Gloeckner, Skynamic

DIT – Ilya Yamasaki Akiyoshi

Gaffer – Ingo Scheel

Electrician – Udo Heinz, Kiril Mihaylov, Felix Keuck

Key Grip – Julius von Schnurbein

Sound Engineer – Henric Schleiner

Sound Assistant – Henning Großmann

Production Design – Ann-Kristin Buettner

Production Design Assistant – Friederike Seybold

Animal Wrangler – Dagmar Braeuer

Styling / Make Up – Lisa Speer

Driver – Josef Stollwerk

Runner – Aleks Bozicic

Editor, Matte Painter – Walter Stoehr

3D Mapping & Compositing – Lukas Kunzmann

Sound Design & Music – GINGER x MassiveMusic (Shai Caleb Hirschon & Gordian Gleiss)

Color – Joseph Bicknell, Company 3

Title Designer – Philipp Kuhn

Special Thanks – Karl Stoehr, Philipp Kuhn

Cast – Boris Dikelo, Theresa Hesterberg, Akeem Van Flodrop, Karl Dia, Akis Orlando

All images with courtesy of Simon&Paul


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