Rishav Kumar’s Peugeot RUNNER – The Design For Personal Mobility

Rishav Kumar‘s Peugeot RUNNER – An electric running suit that helps run faster and cover longer distances by supporting leg joints, which is the design for Personal Mobility.

The idea came from a 5-day explorative project that was done during a workshop with the automotive brand PEUGEOT, France. The workshop is called PEUGEOT Summer Class, where few students selected from around the world are invited to their studio for a month of an intense design workshop.

The design of the suit has a battery pack at the back, a light, and a phone pocket in the chest area. Wraps around the knee joints for maximum support. It follows the Peugeot design language of being sleek and edgy, with sharp corners. Also has the signature Peugeot Lion teeth headlights in front. The first-step operation of this suit is the user puts the location of the place he/she has to go in their phone, then places the phone in the chest piece of the suit. Second, The suit then reads the distance that has to be covered and assists the legs of the user accordingly, not making the user completely dependent on the suit.


Images with courtesy of Rishav Kumar


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